23 Oct

How to Cultivate Prosperity Between Commissions

How to Cultivate Prosperity Between Commissions

Wednesday, October 23, 2019 (9:30 AM to 10:30 AM)

SCCAR Office, Soquel, California

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It's hard to feel prosperous when days, weeks, or even months go by without getting paid, and your fear steadily increases each day as your bank account decreases.  You know that potential clients can sense desperation and that they will be repelled if they feel that you need them more than they need you, but how do you overcome that dichotomy and  "be it till you see it" instead of trying to "fake it till you make it"? 

What You Will learn:

> How to steadily increase your prosperity regardless of "feast or famine" cycles

> How to cultivate your Personal Power to more easily achieve your real estate and personal goals

> How to find your unique "secret sauce" that sets you apart from everyone else and attracts clients

About the speaker: Lucas Roy Lehman speaks and leads trainings on personal power all over the US, Sweden and Canada.  He is a certified NeuroTransformational coach (the brain science behind creating positive change); he's a founding director of the non-profit Freedom Within Prison Project; and he is the author of the #1 bestseller 7 Principles of Sex & Money & Power.  Lucas brings over 30 years of sales and business experience together with his sparkling creative energy to inspire hundreds of clients to thrive in their careers and in their lives.

SCCAR Office - Seminar room
SCCAR Office (Seminar room)
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